Por: Renato Castro


How To Tell When It's Time To Replace Your Investment Platform

Investment software should always be up-to-date and helping you serve your clients. Here's what to look out for and what will be needed for success.

Por: Renato Castro


Why Every Investment House Needs An ESG Strategy

The focus on ESG brings opportunities for investment houses to grow their client base and offerings. Here's why ESG investing is vital for success.

Por: Marcos Puccini


8 Lead Generation Tips For Investment Managers

The top 8 strategies advisors can implement to generate and nurture valuable leads. We also tackle the lead tactics that are best avoided.

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Why Wealth Managers Need a CRM and How to Use It

CRM can empower welath managers to grow their AUM through trusted relationships. Britech offers an effective platform and information to achieve this.

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How To Land High Net Worth Investors

Landing high net worth investors is high on the list of most financial advisors. Follow these strategies for a more lucrative business practice.

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The Rise Of Robo Advisors In Wealth Management

The rise in AI hasn't missed the finance sector. Wealth managers should prepare and utilize the power of robo advisors to enhance their service offering.

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MiFID II and PRIIPs: A Breakdown Of The Latest European Regulations For Asset Managers

In January 2018, two new EU regulations came into force. MiFID II and PRIIPs. Read on for how this effects asset managers and their financial practices.

Por: Marcos Puccini


How Technology Is Impacting The Asset Management Industry

The asset management industry is slow to adapt to change. However, with the increasing need to switch to digital processes, technology is the future.

Por: Marcos Puccini


Why Wealth Managers Are Taking Big Data To The Cloud

Technology is constantly changing wealth management industries. Most notably, cloud computing is the biggest trend for organisations. Read on for why.

Por: Yuryi Ferber


How Wealth Managers Can Embrace Digital Disruption Within the Investment World

Disruption in a business context is innovation that radically alters the way things are done. Often, it’s for the better, even if it means redundancy and obsolescence.