Renato Castro


How The Investment Management Industry Has Been Impacted By COVID-19

The Coronavirus has caused a market crash like no other. As a result, your investment management strategy may have been affected in the following ways.

Antonio Neri


When is it the Right Time to Upgrade Your TAMP?

Working with TAMPs is still new to the financial industry. This is why it's vital to ensure that your chosen platform is working for your business.

Alexandre Farah Diniz


How to Bring Advisor Value to Your Financial Planning

Advisor value is essential for driving a successful service. In this article, learn about the ways you can enhance your offering.

Mikhail Nassimov


Achieving Digital Excellence - Wealth Management Playbook

Achieving digital excellence is a process of continuous innovation. The article explores how Wealth Managers can adopt digital transformation in post COVID-19 environment.

Marcos Puccini


How AI Can Help Advisors Become More Proficient

AI in finance is here to stay. In this article, you will discover the many benefits AI can bring to your investment firm.

Renato Morais Castro


The Silicon Review interviews our founder and CEO, Yuryi Ferber and our USA Growth Officer, Steven Mars

In an interview with The Silicon Review, our founder and CEO, together with our USA Growth Officer, show the benefits of having a SaaS solution in their business.

Renato Morais Castro


What Are SMA's And How Can They Benefit Your Firm?

SMAs can be a sweet spot for firms who want to attract high net worth clients. This article will cover what SMAs are and their benefits.

Marcos Puccini


8 Key Attributes Of A Successful Portfolio Manager

What makes a successful portfolio manager? Strategic planning and a thorough understanding of investments are key but that's not all. Read on for more.

Marcos Puccini


How to Move from Being a Commission-Based to a Fee-Based Advisory Firm

Transitioning from commission-based to fixed fees can be challenging. Here are the top benefits you may receive from this structure and how to do it.

Renato Morais Castro


BRITech announces a new franchise in the UK

We are excited to announce BRITech’s expansion to the United Kingdom. UK is a key strategic market with significant potential for business and clients.