Marcos Puccini


How You Can Be a Better Financial Advisor

Financial advisors can be exposed to a great deal of stress - that doesn't mean your skills have to suffer. Here are our best tips for success.

Paulo Stollar


Keeping Up with Cloud Compliance

Compliance is not a new concept in the financial world. However, cloud compliance can be a whole new ball game. Here's what you need to know.

Antonio Neri


What High Net Worth Individuals Want From Financial Advisors

Landing your dream high net worth investor is one thing; keeping them happy is another. Read on for tips to attract and serve your financial clients.

Renato Castro


The Hottest Fintech Companies in 2020

The world of fintech is rapidly expanding and new and exciting players are coming onto the scene every day. Here are our list of top fintech companies.

Renato Morais Castro


How Technology Is Impacting The Asset Management Industry

The asset management industry is slow to adapt to change. However, with the increasing need to switch to digital processes, technology is the future.

Marcos Puccini


5 Digital Marketing Strategies to Bring in New Clients

Digtial marketing is key for financial advisors and their firm's success. In this article, we will cover 5 strategies that will bring you more clients.

Renato Castro


BRITech announces the new operations in Spain and Portugal

BRITech expands its franchise distribution channel and reaches Iberia (Spain & Portugal) during the second half of 2020, BRITech carried out a selective process to find a distribution channel for its digital solutions for “Wealth Management”, reaching, after a few months, an agreement with Finanhub.

Alexandre Farah Diniz


Get to Know Britech: How Our Technology Can Help You

Often wealth managers need to boost productivity and see immediate results. That's where Britech comes in. Learn all about our Pivolt platform here.

Alexandre Farah Diniz


How to Create a Winning Website for Your Financial Firm

If you want to see success in the digital world, having a winning website is key for your financial services. Learn how to build a website with Britech.

Yuryi Ferber


How Wealth Managers Can Embrace Digital Disruption Within the Investment World

Disruption in a business context is innovation that radically alters the way things are done. Often, it’s for the better, even if it means redundancy and obsolescence.